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Summer 2009

For last year's 2008 catalog on Corgi paperbacks by James M. Cain, I started with a plan to just talk about Corgis, then decided to add the UK Ace editions in too, and then at the last minute I threw in THE POSTMAN ALWAYS RINGS TWICE. What I ended up with was a half-assed overview of Cain's British paperback editions. My friend Grant Thiessen reminded me of all these British Cains that I managed to leave off our list:

DOUBLE INDEMNITY – UK Pocket B11, 1950.

GALATEA – Methuen Magnum 0-413-05840-9, 1981.

MILDRED PIERCE – Hamlyn 0-600-20439-0, 1982. At least 3 printings through 1983.

PAST ALL DISHONOUR – Hamlyn 0-600-20440-5, 1983.

THE POSTMAN ALWAYS RINGS TWICE – Pan 0-330-26312-9, 1981. Movie tie-in edition with photo cover of Jack Nicholson & Jessica Lange.

SERENADE – Pan 0-330-26341-2, 1981.

SERENADE – Penguin 902, 1953.

And one early English-language German paperback:


Thanks, Grant!

Although quality vintage paperbacks get harder to find each year, there have been several worthy new books ABOUT paperbacks:

ANTIQUE TRADER COLLECTIBLE PAPERBACK PRICE GUIDE by Gary Lovisi was published by Krause Publications. This beautiful 300-page guide has color paperback cover reproductions on every page and is chock full of information on selected books. You should able to find a copy at your local Barnes & Nobel bookstore or any of the online book services.

PAPERBACK COVERS by Michael Weinstein can be ordered direct from the publisher, Polygonal Publishing House, Box 357, Washington NJ 07882.

DOPE MENACE: The Sensational World of Drug Paperbacks by Stephen J. Gertz was published by Feral House in December 2008. Besides being a richly-researched, in-depth look at drug paperbacks, this gorgeous volume is chock full of over 200 pages of brilliant color cover reproductions. This is a well-written “must-have” for all collectors.

New Harry Whittington
This catalog celebrates a new collection of three rare Harry Whittington novels from Stark House, edited and introduced by my friend and fellow paperback researcher David Laurence Wilson.

Thanks for help to: Tom Lesser, Robert Speray, David Wilson, Rose Idlet at Black Ace Books, Mark Goodman at Green Lion Books, Tony Jacobs, Dennis Letbetter, Earl Kemp, Art Scott, Bruce Brenner, and Rachel Parker-Stephen.

This list is dedicated to David Laurence Wilson with my thanks.

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