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Stark House Press Books For Sale


Stark House Press, the publishers of the new Harry Whittington omnibus, have many other excellent collections for sale. I encourage you to visit their website at:


You can order the new Whittington there, or you can order it from any of the better online book services like Amazon. If you would like a copy signed by the editor, David Laurence Wilson, we have a few available here at the list price of $19.95. We also offer three other collections edited and signed by David Laurence Wilson, who has written a new introduction for each volume:


THE KILLER / DEVIL ON TWO STICKS by Wade Miller ($17.95)

A NIGHT FOR SCREAMING / ANY WOMAN HE WANTED by Harry Whittington ($19.95)

E-mail me for postage costs, etc.

If you've been keeping score you see we don't have all 38 books on our list yet. Harry left behind the list of 38 manuscripts, many of which were retitled by the editors. But only 27 books were found in his library. Of the remaining eleven books, we have confirmed nine more of them, all shown here, thanks largely to the scholarship and diligence of David Laurence Wilson. The remaining two lost titles await rediscovery. We have read through a stack of “Possible” titles but only the sure things have been listed here. There are plenty more eligible books out there. There are dozens of these John Dexter and J.X. Williams books, and sometimes the wrong pen name would be attached to a book, accidentally on purpose to muddy the waters. We invite you to help us look for Harry Whittington in these books. There are a lot of them, and I've never met anybody who has read them all.

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